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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

the parts of basic cellular system

In a cellular communication system a geographical area as subdivided into small regions where each small region is called as a cell

*      A basic cellular system consist of three parts as listed below
-          a mobile unit
-          a cell site
-          a mobile telephone switching office (MTSO)

*      The mobile unit (Mobile Telephone) contains a control unit, a transceiver (combination of transmitter and receiver) and on antenna sister.

*      Whenever a mobile unit wants to step a call it contents the cell site of the particular cell in which it exists at that time.

*      The cell site consists of control unit, antennas power plant and data terminals.

*      The cell site is infecting acting as an interface to the MTSO.

*      After the mobile unit contacts the cell site, the cell site in contacts the MTSO  which processes the call further depending on whether it is a mobile to mobile call or mobile to fixed station call.

*      A little thought from the reader will indicate that a fixed subscriber to mobile call originates through the telephone exchange and passes through the MTSO and cell site towards the mobile unit.

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